October 17, 2014


born 1999 Making him just 15 years old.

Harvey Loved performing from an early age. Attended Amelia Appleby dance/drama when he was about 5 years of age, was known for his Michael Jackson dancing. Harvey Joined stagecoach for singing, dancing and acting. At this stage it was his dancing that appeared to be his talent. However, his singing teacher wrote on his report, “he would eat his hat if Harvey did not end up a star”.
Although Harvey sang constantly around the house, it wasn’t until he recorded himself singing ‘Jar of hearts’ that His family realised he had a hidden Talent. After uploading ‘amazing’ on Facebook, it immediately went viral and the Journey Began.
Discovered On FB By Manager Blair.D (Alphadog Management, ‘Union J’ ‘Overload’ ’21’ and ‘Bars and Melody’ ) and with over 212,000 Followers on Fb and Over a Million Hits On Youtube, Harvey is set to be the Next Teen Sensation.

Now Fresh Off Tour with ‘Little Mix’ and Brand New Presenter of No.1 Kids Tv ‘Friday Download’ Heat Magazine says “Meet The New Justin Timberlake’